Makeup artist

How it all began...


owner- Raina Rombeiro


Everything I have ever loved or tried my hand at has involved make-up so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I have become a make-up artist. My first encounter with make-up began with my love for ballet. I studied ballet for 12 years where I got my first lessons in stage make-up techniques. I later got bitten by the acting bug in college and along came more stage makeup. I have done acting for TV and film where I learned a lot about make-up and how the camera sees it... Got my cosmetology license... Worked for MAC... I think you get the picture. Make-up keeps following me or maybe I'm following it... Make-up is fun. Make-up is up-lifting. Make-up can change your world...no, I'm not being dramatic. It's true. I've seen the transformation again and again. Give any girl the right shade of pink lip gloss and she magically becomes superwoman. I have the BEST job ever! I get to help bring out the best in women and be a part of their special moments in life. To sum it up, I am a girly girl through and through and yes, pink really is my favorite color.